Grand Win Solitaire

Grand Win Solitaire review, Legit or scam? Thousands of people are playing this solitaire game hoping to earn over $1,000 in the near future, is this a scam?

Believe me, this number is huge, we have found several other similar applications, almost 70% of them are not really proven to pay their users.

Getting nicks? You need to look at the many similar advertisements that are also impossible to escape from our suspicions. Remember, don’t be fooled by the developer’s strategy.

So at first I was looking for information about applications that can make money on the internet, and accidentally saw an advertisement for a very interesting game grand win solitaire.

And it turns out that I myself was also interested in seeing it on the Google Play Store service, then saw quite sad reviews. Many users first, Grand win solitaire logit or scam?

Grand Win Solitaire Review

Grand Win Solitaire Review

  • Application Name Grand Win Solitaire
  • Developer BiuBiuBiu
  • Available Worldwide
  • Free Purchase
  • Rating 0 Stars
  • Minimum Withdrawal Limit is $1000

We can both look at the data above, even though the data says that it can provide $ 1,000 in the near future, we need to find out first, so we don’t get fooled.

The Grand WinSolitaire game shows that it will give a number of gift cards to the players if they successfully carry out the tasks or missions given by the application system.

This concerns the great opportunity as well as our suspicions. If we look at it at a glance, it’s only natural that many people play it, hoping to get paid.

Then the withdrawal method provided can also be done via PayPal, Visa, gift cards and coins in the game. But still, the question of whether Grand Win Sloitaire is real or fake needs to be answered.

Explanation of Grand Win Solitaire

So the Grande Win Solitaire game is a game that features a very attractive visual design for users. You will be provided with a classic game that is enough to test your patience.

Each user will get their money which can be exchanged into currency at PayPal and also shopping vouchers. As usual, the most important task of this game is watching advertisements.

However, the withdrawal method provides many options, not only through paypal, but also through Visa, Amazon, Steam, Google play points, PlayStation and Xbox with a value of $ 100.

As we can see through the Google Play Store, around 100,000 more people have played this game on the smartphones they use. A very interesting figure according to our calculations.

However, even though this game has received many downloads from various users around the world, the stars that are obtained are only around 4.4, not up to 5, but that is good enough.

How Grand Win Solitaire Works

Grand Win Solitaire Review

As the data we have shown at the beginning of the discussion, each user does not need to make a deposit or pay in the application, you can use it for free without any fees.

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So the Grande Win Solitaire game is very safe from the risks that have been haunting the user. let’s look further at how to play and make money in it.

How to Play Grand Win Solitaire

First of all, you make sure that you have installed the application. Then do the registration or account creation using the Gmail account you have been using so far, making sure it is active.

So the essence of the game is to build four groups of cards from the lowest to the highest. You will see the settings menu in the upper left corner.

Then for the Ace card is a card that has the lowest value, and the four foundations can also be built with After from Ace to King, this takes time.

You can also move any existing open cards, but it is necessary to rotate them from black and red ones. Like when you want to get a nice red under a black 7.

You can also swap the position of a series of consecutive cards between the columns, by pressing and holding the phone and dragging it to the deepest card.

Then for the empty pile you can fill it with a king or a card with a sequence that is ahead of the King apra. The system will provide a tutorial for each new user.

How To Collect Cash Rewards

Some cards in this game will come with a blue PayPal stamp. Flipping this card will trigger a more likely cash prize, provided you tap “collect” and watch the video.

This is a clever tactic developed by a very ingenious person. Why? Since users need to make $1,000 before cashing out, they will watch a lot of ads with a big smile on their faces.

You can reach your destination faster if you tap on the PayPal bubbles that keep appearing on the screen. But, of course, this will also trigger a 30-second video!

Grand Win Solitaire also gives coins when you complete the game and throw cards. Coins can only be redeemed for gift cards once your balance reaches 1 million coins worth $100.

Withdrawal Of Funds

After collecting $1000, Grand Win Solitaire will persuade you to open your cash balance and enter your real account information.

A word of caution here. Your Email is the only information any company needs to process PayPal payments. So, why does Grand Win Solitaire ask you to provide your email / phone and user account?

I’m sure some people may enter their bank details to receive money and put themselves at serious risk. Do not give them your account number, login or password in that field. Please.

Is Grand Win Solitaire Legal? Does It Pay?

Grand Win Solitaire Review

In accordance with the information we have collected for some time, and by doing a manual review. Finally we get the answer, is Grand Win Solitaire proven to pay?

We namely do not. Please see the opportunities that can be found, you will not get anything except effort that has no result, you could say that the work is in vain.

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Do you know, it is very impossible if there is a money-making game that wants to pay its users with an unreasonable amount, maybe I will stop working and start playing games.

In fact, you will be asked to continue working on endless tasks when you want to make a withdrawal. Then you will tire yourself and begin to doubt this game.


Developers are trying to attract the attention of people by promising payments with a very good figure, namely 100$. Just imagine, playing games at home without going out can make you rich.

But it is a fake and you do not need to play much less to hope. From now on, leave the game and start looking for other games that have been proven to pay you.

That was just grand win solitaire reviews legitimate or fake. Don’t forget to give your feedback through the comment field that is available below. Thank you, may be useful.