Football League 2023

Step into the world of football like never before with Football League 2023, where a complete soccer game experience awaits you. Prepare to be captivated by its incredibly lucid graphics and intelligent game engine that brings every strike, pass, and score to life with stunning precision. Get ready to relish the spirit of the beautiful game as you witness each move executed flawlessly.
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Jul 31, 2023
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What's new

* Optimize the match AI.
* fix some bugs.


Football League 2023 offers an unparalleled soccer gaming experience, immersing you in stunning graphics and an intelligent game engine. Every strike, pass, and goal is flawlessly executed, allowing you to relish the essence of the beautiful game. Take complete control over team tactics and formations as you lead your team to victory and ascend to the status of world champions. Legendary teams are forged with soccer stars, and it’s up to you to employ strategic tactics to elevate your team in the ranks. Football fans worldwide eagerly await the emergence of the soccer hero within you!

The Joy of the Perfect Kick and Unmatched Competition

Come and bask in the joy and excitement of the perfect kick as you compete in matches that redefine the mobile sports simulation experience. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary adventure, discovering what it truly means to have so much more. With smooth and intuitive operations, players can focus on reading the game intelligently, swiftly adjusting their strategies, and honing their shooting finesse to dominate over rivals.

Dream Team Features: Unleash Your Soccer Potential

  • Choose from Over 100 National Teams and 330 Clubs: Select your favorite team from an extensive collection of national and club teams, each with its unique playing style and roster of players.
  • Total Game Control Engine: Quickly adapt, change strategies, and perform actions with remarkable responsiveness, ensuring an incredibly authentic soccer experience.
  • Develop Your Pro Soccer Players: Nurture your eleven players to enhance their skills and abilities, transforming them into elite league players capable of remarkable feats on the field.
  • Fully Customizable Tactics: Unleash your pro soccer skills and devise your dream winning streak with a team tailored to your preferred playing style and formation.
  • Be the Hero Manager: Lead your dream team to victory and become the hero manager by creating the perfect formation of eleven players and fine-tuning your tactics along the way.

In Football League 2023, the stage is set for you to showcase your soccer prowess and claim victory as the ultimate champion. Are you ready to embrace the challenge and make your mark in the world of football? Take charge now, and let the world witness the rise of your soccer legacy!

– Fluent controls and total player motion physics
– Full controller support
– Multi-language narration
– Play offline game

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