School Party Craft

Esteemed players, our game is currently in the dynamic phase of development! We cordially invite you to share your aspirations and proposals, informing us about what you'd be thrilled to encounter in our forthcoming update.
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Candy Room Games & RabbitCo
Jun 27, 2023
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What's new

- Added languages: Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish
- Added sports vehicles:
Bicycles, bikes, scooter, skateboard, etc.
- Added the ability to eat while sitting on furniture
- Car Tuning
- New doors (Garage Rollers)
- New decor in the city
- Ability to revive stunned players
- Bug fixes and graphics improvements



Beloved players, our game is in full swing of development! We kindly request that you share your desires and recommendations, and tell us what you’d love to see in our next update.

School Party is a cubic-style life simulator tailored for school students and teenagers. You’ve got an expansive city at your fingertips, teeming with charming girls and friendly boys. Your journey here extends beyond just hanging out and shopping; you also get to purchase luxurious mansions, encounter intriguing characters, and even drive the trendiest cars! In this city, the sky’s the limit: building homes, acquiring blocks, furniture, and doors, all just mark the onset of a grand adventure. Be fashionable and chic – dress up, roam the city, take a dip in the pool, go to the movies, and bust a move in the wild disco!

Crafting and building: Delve into numerous magnificent mansions with ample plots, where you can tear down the acquired house and construct the dream cottage you’ve always envisioned. Our game boasts a wide collection of diverse blocks for construction and decoration. You’ll also find hundreds of pieces of furniture to cater to every taste: chairs, tables, sofas, beds, wardrobes, and more. Doors, houseplants, and chandeliers will perfectly round off your home design.

Player Interactions: Rest assured, you’re not alone in this city. You’ll encounter thousands of individuals, with whom you can interact, befriend, explore together, visit a restaurant and park, drive supercars, and chill in nightclubs. If you take a liking to a character, add them to your contact list and stay connected via text messages anytime.

Paintball: Featuring a broad range of paintball weaponry: Miniguns, Pistols, Assault Rifles and exclusive Dinogun, Bazooka-Shark, and more – all firing color bullets. Counter the miscreants who stole your coins, and they will give them back.

Points of Interest:

  • Market (Furniture, Blocks, Doors, Skins, and Paintball Guns)
  • Disco (Request music from DJs and dance away with friends)
  • Extensive Park
  • Beach and Sea with Loungers
  • Restaurant and Cinema
  • School and Bank
  • Car Dealership and Gas Station
  • City Pool

Game Features:

  • Car Driving and Tuning
  • Sports: Motorcycles, Bicycles, Scooters, and Skateboards
  • Mini-games (Bartending at the Disco (2nd Floor), Bartending at the Restaurant (1st Floor), Smiley Game)
  • Treasure Chests with Coins and Many Bonuses
  • Ship Cruises and Airplane Rides
  • Swimming (On the Beach and in Pools)
  • Dynamic Character Animation
  • First and Third-Person Camera
  • Interactions with Furniture (Sitting, Sleeping, etc.)
  • Weather Changes and Day-Night Cycle
  • User-friendly and Intuitive Controls
  • Optimized for Low-end Devices (From 1 GB of RAM)
  • Gameplay and Button Customization to Suit Your Preferences

Craft your pixel interior in a world imbued with fairy tales and fantasy. Revel in your gameplay.