Subway Surfers

Summon your inner speedster and surge forward with unmatched velocity! Let nothing slow you down as you push the boundaries of rapidity.
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SYBO Games
Jul 13, 2023
158.48 MB
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What's new

- The Subway Surfers World Tour heads to vibrant Buenos Aires!
- The Rivals story continues! Bruno goes head-to-head with Yutani in a battle to determine who has the best tech! Tackle a tense Tag Time Attack challenge to unlock Bruno and his Future Wave Board.
- Rosa gets a new look: find her Ceibo Outfit in the Season Hunt!
- Complete exciting challenges throughout the season to collect Event Coins and unlock amazing content - including Super Runner Yutani!



Embark on a Swift, Adventurous Journey

Experience the thrill of rapidity at its peak! Steer clear of the advancing locomotives as you navigate through this exhilarating chase!

Join our audacious trio, Jake, Tricky, and Fresh, in their quest to outwit the cantankerous Inspector and his persistent canine companion.

Key Features

  • Engage with a Dynamic Squad: Team up with your dashing crew as you effortlessly glide over train tops.
  • Immerse in Vibrant Visuals: Feast your eyes on our striking, high-definition graphics that paint a vivid picture of your adventure.
  • Surf on Hoverboards: Soar through the air on your hoverboard, adding an extra thrill to your escape!
  • Harness the Power of Paint: Utilize a jetpack powered by paint to speed through your path, leaving everything else in a blur.
  • Show Off Your Agility: Execute swift, balletic maneuvers with the mere swipe of your fingers!
  • A Friend in Need: Accept challenges and assist your comrades as they join you in this daring escapade!

Join the Great Chase

Dare to embark on the most audacious chase ever! The ultimate thrill is just a swipe away!

An app designed for everyone, with graphics optimized for high-definition displays, courtesy of the combined ingenuity of SYBO and Kiloo.

Note: Please ensure that you maintain safety precautions while playing the game. Do not attempt to recreate or perform any of the stunts shown in real life.