Site Regulations:

Rights and Responsibilities of Administrators and Moderators:

  1. The site administration holds no responsibility for any potential consequences resulting from the utilization of information and links.
  2. Administrators possess the authority to ban a user without prior notice.
  3. Moderators have the right to ban a user, and it is mandatory to provide reasons for the ban. In the case of minor rule violations, moderators are required to issue a preliminary warning.
  4. Administrators and moderators have the right to edit and delete user messages that violate the rules and fail to comply with the site’s guidelines.


  1. It is strictly prohibited to exhibit racial, national, or religious antipathy, promote terrorism, extremism, drugs, or any other topics that conflict with generally accepted standards of morality.
  2. Insulting other users of the site is not allowed.
  3. Advertising and sharing viruses in news, comments, chat, and forum messages are strictly forbidden. Links to resources with similar themes (Android apps and games) are prohibited. However, links to third-party themes are permissible.
  4. Use of inappropriate language or not normative lexicon is not permitted.
  5. Excessive flooding in comments and forums should be avoided. While this rule doesn’t apply to the chat, it is recommended to exercise moderation.
  6. Manipulating ratings is prohibited.
  7. Registering more than one profile is not allowed.